Social distancing is needed to manage an infectious disease like Covid 19. I agree with the stay at home orders, with the use of masks to mutually protect each other when possible, and cleaning off surfaces.

Not one of us is going to do it perfectly. Not one of us will ever be completely safe. If we are in a war with a virus as it has been stated, war by definition does not have rules for safety. It takes out men, women, children, young, old, disabled, and even pets. It’s awful. It’s not something that anyone wants.

The silver lining is that humanity could decide that in this war, instead of beating up other humans, we can just focus on hating the virus.

I think people need to be with their main people. I think some of you big extroverts should slow your roll at this time. Make some choices. Could you get your contact with people down to 10 people that really matter? Could you shop with a list and go out less?

I am lucky to live on a farm and I can have fires. My mom comes and joins me at the fire. Sometimes others fill the chairs at a safe distance. I am introverted so I can get by with a lot of time alone, but I need people too. I have talked to lots of friends and family through text and FaceTime, etc.

I am an essential worker and I have struggled to not resent customers that do not understand that I want to minimize my risk, too. I am working through this. This time of distancing and caution could go on for quite awhile. My mom has some health issues and I don’t want to bring back this virus. Even if I wasn’t an essential worker though, I have to shop sometimes. My mom is on of those extroverts that shops as a means of connection. I can’t protect her 100%. I never could. Life is dangerous.

You are on your own journey and you will figure out a balance that serves you. For me, I am going to do my best to be of service at my job, try to keep my customers, Co- workers, and myself as safe as possible without being unkind. I will do my best to be kind to my mom as she figures out how to adjust to this less people time. I also think it is time to meet face to face with my most important people and for mom to do the same. I think it is important to our well-being. This is the perfect time to be mindful of our most important connections. Who are your top 10 connections? How can you make sure you are nurturing those relationships during this time. How can you have face to face time with people that are truly essential to your well- being?

Also, I am going to hug my dog. I am breaking rules every day. I can’t social distance from the horses here either. There is a longer more detailed version of this documentary that I have shared before. The research in this video is foundational to my coaching business…named Promising Connections. Please consider taking some time to learn about stress and how to reduce it.

Take care. May your connections make this time of difficulty a little lighter. Peace to all of my readers. Be easy on yourself and others.

Tracy May, M. ed

Promising Connections, LLC

Author: Tracy May

Teacher, Life Coach, Artist, Author, Public Speaker

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