Cooped Up

I am an only child and one thing I have been good at is alone time. I had the luxury of it when I was a kid so I know how to do it. Some of you are feeling all cooped up. As an essential employee so far, I get to go to work and interact with the public. I think I would probably feel cooped up myself too if I had to stay home all day. I go to work. Then I come home. My mom is here so my “alone” spaces are limited to my room upstairs and outside. My mom does not like cooking so sometimes I claim the kitchen. There are a lot of people giving great advice about what you could do with the time. Exercise, eat well, sleep. Some people are working on organizing or home improvement. We need to be in the moment with our loved ones. Play with our children. Creatively reach out to those we can’t be with. Do some art. Learn something new. These are all great suggestions. What I can offer that is unique is a little advice on how to do nothing. It is okay to not be reading, taking in a movie, listening to music, or doing anything. It is helpful to sometimes do nothing. Do nothing but breathe. Listen to the birds outside. Stand in the grass barefoot. Hold a cup of tea and just enjoy the warmth on your hands. This is living, too. These little do nothing moments can recharge your batteries for what is next. Maybe we won’t see as much trouble as is predicted. I hope every reader out there will be safe from the sickness and sadness caused by the Corona Virus. This thing just snuck up on all of us and changed everything. If you are tired and you need to just do nothing for awhile, it’s okay.

Take Care,

Tracy May, Promising Connections, LLC

Author: Tracy May

Teacher, Life Coach, Artist, Author, Public Speaker

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