The Voyage Out, In, or Otherwise

Randomly, in my scrolling today, I found out that Virginia Woolf’s first novel was called “The Voyage Out”. It is about a young girl who goes on a sea voyage with her aunt and uncle. While on the ship, her mind is exposed to a wide variety of ideas about everything, as she has conversations with people on this ship and travels around South America.

Coincidentally, I have booked my own voyage. I booked a cruise for the very first time. I will be going on a 15 day trans-Atlantic cruise that starts in Miami and ends in Barcelona. I am travelling alone but there will be thousands on board. I know I will have the opportunity to talk to many other people and learn from their stories. I am voyaging out of the country into an experience that will for sure force me out of my comfort zone. I am voyaging inward. I imagine time alone in my cabin, on my terrace, drawing and writing and reflecting. I see myself daydreaming and just enjoying the ride. This is my first vacation I am taking merely for my enjoyment and not related to seeing family or friends or doing some form of service.

Like the girl in Virginia Woolf’s book, my voyage out will help me open my mind to new experiences and people and learn more about myself. I am not completely clear on what I want this second half of life to look like but I have some time to ponder my choices.

Author: Tracy May

Teacher, Life Coach, Artist, Author, Public Speaker

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