Pandemic- Perspective over Panic

The Corona Virus has infected all of us with a bit of fear. We know this is bigger than a flu. We know we can’t completely control it. It threatens our loved ones, our livelihood, our daily routines, our social lives, and our freedom to move about.

We may act mad at the media or politicians, but we know our real issue is that this is a big scary monster and we don’t know how much destruction it will do— and none of us knows how to control what happens. We can take precautions but there are no guarantees.

I have been trying to think of something that could help others while I honestly deal with my own fear of this monster. I have a mom with health issues at home. I work with the public all day. I have a daughter 10 hours away. I am trying to balance making a living, performing a needed service in the community, trying not to bring germs home, and trying to fight back the tears when I hear that there might be travel bands that soon make it not an option to go be with my daughter when I had hoped. There is so much with this Pandemic that is beyond my control.

The truth is, that even when we think we are in control, major life events can surprise us at anytime. In this unusual case, we are in this together. The whole world is in this together. We are for once on the same team.

The thing we can absolutely control in this is our perspective. It does not help to deny the monster. The Corona Virus is a monster. A real monster. Anger, denial, or paralyzing fear will not remove it. We can, however, change our perspective from focusing on the scary parts to focusing on how we will solve this together. We all are vested in a creative solution to not only the disease but to the secondary effects on our well- being and economy. Tonight musicians were posting music. My book club reached out to me virtually. Other visual artists and myself are sharing our best pictures. Our pub owners are making meals to go and checking on customers that might be isolated. The senior site is providing pick up meals for my mom and her friends who can no longer gather. Churches are posting videos of services. Teachers are delivering books to students. Store owners are helping people get things they need. People are sharing funny memes to get us laughing. Food shelves are stocking up. Politicians seem to be problem solving together. Birds are singing us into Spring. Parents are figuring out how to help educate their kids and provide enriching activities as the schools are closed. Medical professionals are giving their best recommendations as they are putting their own lives on the line to save us. How will you contribute to the creative healing solutions we will need moving forward? We need all of us. May you focus on how you can help your family, friends, and neighbors, and feel empowered. Be well. Stay hopeful. Take care.

Author: Tracy May

Teacher, Life Coach, Artist, Author, Public Speaker

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